lundi 12 mai 2008

to my English speaking friends !

I have to face it now : I'll never be able to keep in touch with you as often as I would like, and I can never find enough time to write everything I would like to share with you guys.
Hence this blog, which should help a bit ! There might be not much to read before things get really serious in VN, but in the meantime, it should allow you to follow what is going on in my life now, should you live on the other side of the Channel, Londoners or OUs, the other side of the Rhine river, the Persian Gulf, the Baltic see, the Atlantic Ocean or even the other side of the World and Down Under... ;o)

I will try and publish some articles in English from time to time, or translate some of my messages. But I already know that I won't be able to keep up, so apologies in advance for the messages in French not translated ! But you'll have the most important info, no worries.
And for the rest, consider it as a translation exercice ! :o)

Please be tolerant re: my mistakes, I am losing some fluency and vocab every day, and can't practice very often now. And the only English I hear on a daily basis is more than broken by my pupils ! :o)))
So corrections and comments more than welcomed !

Love to you all, and don't forget to keep in touch !

1 commentaire:

  1. Sylvie!! This blog is such a fantastic idea (even if I can't understand most of it, it makes me so happy to know that this adoption process is finally happening for you!!). The photos and the occasional English post are really great. Keep up the good work and good luck with everything!!! Thinking of you xxx


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