samedi 7 juin 2008

un p'tit cadeau de moi / A present from me !

Un petit cadeau que j'ai fait moi même, pour moi mais pas seulement ;o), un tit livre en anglais qui est arrivé dans ma boite aux lettres aujourd'hui. C'est l'histoire d'un petit mouton (lamb) qui cherche une maman, et qui en trouve une (a kangooroo), et ensemble il forme une famille Lamb-a-roo. Trop mimi !
Du coup, je fais ce message en anglais pour mes cops et potes qui vivent ailleurs, qui ralent du manque de traductions.... :o)

This one is for you guys, only !! I have received several mails asking for more translations, so here I am. I hope however that you have noticed that most posts have a recap in English at the end ?? If there is no translation,it means that is was not interesting / franco french / or that I was too tired that evening to translate ! :o))
The pretext today is a present that I made to Caramel, I ordered a litttle book in English which I received today :o)
Sweet story of a lamb looking for a mum, and a kangooroo mum (helloooooooo down under !!! ;o) looking for a baby. And together, they make a 'lamb-a-roo' family ! very sweet, and a nice book to help my Caramel to know and understand a little bit of English....

Some news of what had happened lately in my life.
As you may have noticed, health is not the best right now. I had some ulcers,very painful, which are treated now, and I am feeling much better. Probably some psychosomatic effect of my 'paper pregnancy'..... ;o)
2 weeks ago, I sprained my ankle, and it is still painful, although much better. Dont know yet what it could mean, but grateful for any ideas about hidden meaning !! :o)

Adoption wise, I finally managed to complete the file, with all the right documents, stamped the right way in the right places, signed with the right colour of ink, all done and put in a plastic folder of the right colour (pale green or turquoise blue only....). It's all gone back to the headquaters of the agency to be checked and rechecked, and if everything is ok, the whole thing will go to VN soon... Then translated in vietnamese, then sent to the ministry over there.... and then I'll camp next to the phone to be sure not to miss the magic phone call..... :o)
In the meantime, I have to visit 3 families who've adopted with my agency, to see their experience, good and bad stuff. I will go and see one at the end of June, and then a global visit with a friend of mine, 3 single mothers in one go, one Sunday mid July. And that same weekend, the last meeting with the agency, and that will be it for the 'active' bit....After that, wait and wait and wait until the magic phone call telling me that Caramel is a he or a she, and when he/she was born...
Then there will be another wait for another enquiry to be made in VN, and then another phone call to let me know that I can go to VN... Time to finalised the latest details, flight and visa, and I'll be gone.... :o)
The agency still thinks we should be gone and back by the end of the year....Yes, I know, its mad.....!!! :o))

In the meantime, I try to put my mind to preparing the room, piling up on baby stuff and everything. Not that easy, I dont really feel ready for that big step yet, probably too soon !... But watch this space ! ... :o)

more news to follow, comments welcome to let me know you're here ! :o)
And remember you're all welcome to France in my big house !!

2 commentaires:

  1. Oh it's a very nice book for your little Cawamel (traduction de caramel en anglais:-))) )
    Big big big kisses

  2. ohhhhh ! mais tu speak very bien l'anglais , dis donc !! with ze accent, en plus !




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